Justin Bieber Teased A New Album, But He Wants Enough Instagram Likes Before The Release
Laura Lee - November 8, 2019

Get ready, Beliebers, because Justin Bieber said he will release his next album before this coming Christmas. The catch? If and only if he rakes in enough like on an Instagram post. On Sunday, October 27, the pop star announced on Instagram that he is “almost done” with his fifth studio album and he will drop it if he gets 20 million likes on that very IG announcement. Whichever way it goes, when Bieber does release his fifth album it will be his first since 2015’s Purpose. At the time of writing the post has 9,608,454 likes.



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Bieber talked with Billboard on October 7 about releasing a new album. He said, “I’m putting put an album this year!” So fans will definitely be getting a new album before 2020. This was certified when his wife Hailey Baldwin asked him if he would put out an album before 2019 ends. He replied, “Should I put an album out this year?” The couple went back and forth about whether or not  2019 album is in the tea leaves, but they did hint that at least a new song would be out within the next few months.


So get excited, Beliebers!


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