The Gorgeous Women of Hollywood
Marc Gordon - September 22, 2019

15 Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

1. Today is a fresh start for a new opportunity.

2. There is no one else alive quite like you.

3. You are loved.

4. The sun is shining in some part of the world (maybe by you right now)!

5. There's something you can do better than anyone.
>6. You might not know it, but you are somebody's role model.

7. You can make someone smile today.

8. You have goals and dreams you will one day achieve.

9. Some of them might have come true already.

10. And you can set new goals and dream new dreams each day.

11. There are puppies all over the world who would be so happy to meet you.

12. You can change the world.

13. Nutella exists (and tastes good on pretty much anything).

14. There are millions of flowers waiting to be picked by you.

15. You are someone's first choice.

The world is filled with woman of all hair colors, eye color, race, ethnicity and so on. This, in turn, makes each woman unique and one of a kind. There are many women that people look up to due to their power in the world, uniqueness, beauty, and grace. Most of the time, these women are known for rocking the runway, being a part of the Hollywood lifestyle and just being themselves. Here is a list of the most beautiful girls in the world by rank, that have shown their true beauty, inside and out.


25. Alessandra Ambrosio



Model, spokeswoman, and actress, Alessandra Ambrosio, is a true superstar. While she spent a huge portion of her modeling career rocking the Victoria Secret’s Fashion show, she has taken her strut and used it in all other portions of her life. A fun fact that most may not know about Ambrosio is that she used to be very insecure about her large ears, having surgery on them with later complications.



24. Megan Fox



As we can see, Megan Fox is completely stunning. Well, this didn’t stop her from being bullied in school. When she was younger, people in her school used to throw ketchup packets at her during lunchtime. Instead of dealing with it, she would sit in the bathroom alone and eat her lunch. Bullying is a terrible thing and has been going on since the start of time. Thankfully Fox was able to overcome it but for others, it can be very difficult.


23. Candice Swanepoel



Many know Candice Swanepoel as one of the Victoria Secret models that always puts on a show. Well, little did we know, she actually is pretty brilliant and is just like anyone of us! Swanepoel grew up on a dairy and meat farm in a small town in South Africa, which made her a complete nature girl. While growing up and being a part of the fashion industry, she struggled with language differences. Now being fluent in English, Afrikaans, and Portugal.



22. Amy Adams



American actress, Amy Adams is a middle child of seven. Growing up in a Mormon family, Adams always had the desire to become a ballerina. When in high school she realized she was not talented enough to set out to be a ballerina and that acting may have been a better calling on her part. This then sparked the beginning of her incredible career.


21. Mila Kunis



Mila Kunis has been featured in many films, movies and television shows that are beyond popular. Besides her Hollywood fame, Kunis actually grew up with a condition called heterochromia. Leaving her eyes with the color blue and green. Once she had surgery, Kunis’s eyes are dark green with a brown hue.



20. Barara Palvin



At the age of 13, this supermodel was discovered walking the streets of Budapest with her mother. Barbara Palvin was born in Albertisra, Hungary and grew up loving sports. Ever since an early age, she was a destined tomboy as she wrecked the soccer field as the ultimate scorer.


19. Emily Ratajkowski



This social media queen started her career as an actress on iCarly, later being introduced into the fashion world. Now, Emily Ratajkowski focuses on her modeling career solely due to her strong belief in women’s empowerment. To support her beliefs, she is an advocate for Planned Parenthood.



18. Taylor Hill



Unfortunately, just like many, Taylor Hill’s high school experience wasn’t the greatest. As she was constantly bullied and tore down by her classmates for being tall and skinny, she decided enough was enough. Hill left her high school and pursued a modeling career instead. After a few years, she was named Victoria Secrets youngest angel at the age of 17.


17. Chloë Grace Moretz



Actor and model, Chloë Grace Moretz is truly brilliant. In order to keep her professional and personal life at ease with one another, she has taken great measures to do so. Moretz does not invite any of her friends to film sets or premiers. The reason being that it is easy for her to focus on work and focus on her friends at two separate times.



16. Scarlett Johansson



Scarlett Johansson has been dedicated to her acting career ever since she was a little girl. When she was younger she used to give herself her own type of acting classes while she sat in the mirror and practiced crying. As she got older and tried out the acting world, she instantly got used to rejection as she was up against her twin brother who also was trying to be an actor at the time.


15. Alexis Ren



If you haven’t seen her on all social media platforms or twitter per se, here is model Alexis Ren. Shew was first discovered on Tumblr after a photographer posted modeling photos of her. Later, becoming an internet sensation from her posts with her boyfriend at the time, Jay Alvarrez. After the breakup, Ren continued her career and has been modeling ever since. 



14. Selena Gomez



Whether you know Selena Gomez from her child star days in Barney or from her incredible voice, this star is one of a kind. Over the many years of her being in the spotlight, Gomez has still ensured to be her true self. As she shares with fans her love for pizza,  hobbies and favorite color, this star will always be looked at with greatness.



13. Margot Robbie



Just like many actors, they start off small and go big. For Margot Robbie, she didn’t know what her future entailed. Growing up in Australia on her grandmothers’ farm on the Goldcoast to picking up and moving to the states, Robbie was always motivated to do more. As a sports fan, country girl and adventure seeker, Robbie has done a great job at finding her calling.



12. Sharina Gutierrez



Born and raised in Riverside, California, Sharina Gutierrez is known for her high activity on Instagram. Always posting her latest modeling content and occasional pictures of her son, she has a very large following. A little about Gutierrez, she started her modeling career at the young age of 13 for an international modeling agency.


11. Alison Brie



Alison Brie is a well-known actor who had her first acting experience in the production of the Wizard of Oz. Brie’s role was Toto, the dog so all she had to do was impromptu barking. Then in high school, Brie performed as a clown for birthday parties. Her clown name was Sunny. As we can see, Brie was born to entertain.



10. Jennifer Lawrence



Believe it or not, Jennifer Lawerence is a tomboy at heart. Growing up, she loved everything sports. So much that in preschool she was not allowed to play with the girls due to her toughness and competitiveness in sports. As she got older and highschool started, it was time for her to put her smarts to the test. Graduating high school in just two years with a GPA that would blow your mind.


9. Kristen Stewart



Known for playing Bella Swan in Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart was destined to be an actor since day one. Stewart grew up in a family that was all involved in behind the camera jobs. Since she never was into being in the spotlight, she didn’t think acting was even in the cards. At first, Steward thought she would follow in the footsteps of her family and be a screen righter or director.



8. Emma Watson


Many may know Emma Watson as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Films being that this is when the world was first introduced to the star. Even though she played the role with complete grace, it took Watson 7 auditions to just land the gig. All due to the lack of acting experience she had prior to the auditions.


7. Cara Delevingne



Most models in the modeling industry are known for the tallness. For Cara Delevingne, her height did not stop her from pursuing her dream. At the age of 10, she was featured in Vogue Italia and now has concurred the modeling industry being one of the highest-paid models in the world. Besides her career, Delevingne is known for her silly, outgoing personality that shines through whatever she accomplishes. 



6. Jessica Stroup



Jessica Stroup has been featured in a multitude of films. From 90210 to the Iron Fist and more, this actor is not the most well-known. Even though this is the case, she has created a large enough following for herself that people are starting to get a grasp on her life. A fun fact about Stroup is that this smart cookie actually turned down a full ride to the University of Georgia just so she could pursue an acting career.


5. Emma Stone



Many are not aware of Emma Stone’s prior life before becoming a Hollywood star. As a teenager, she wanted to move to California to become an actress but her parents did not approve. So she took the initiative to make a presentation for her parents to pretty much lay down the details. Once she started acting, Stone then changed her name from Emily to Emma for the Screen Actors Guide.



4. Felicity Jones



Felicity Jones is a well-known actor who has taken her acting roles to the absolute extreme. Featured in a multitude of movies and television shows, Jones has built a large fan base for herself over the years. A fun fact about Jones is that she actually would love to play a snake or superhero because it would give her the chance to get her feet wet in a different kind of experience.


3. Natalia Dyer



Many know Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things.  As she plays the role of the good girl, Nancy Wheeler. While she is not acting away, she spends her free time hanging with her dog named Ozzy and co-actor/boyfriend, Charlie Heaton. Heaton and Dyer met on the set of Stranger Things.



2. Katherine McNamara



American actress, Katherine McNamara is a lowkey smarty pants. Being that she graduated high school at just the age of 14 and then college at 17. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading books and watching Pretty Little Liars.  Overall, McNamara is a true dime and great find.


1. Emma Roberts



If unaware of this prior, Emma Roberts grew up around family members that were already immersed in the Hollywood drama when she was at a young age. Both Julia Roberts (her aunt) and father, Eric Roberts have been acting forever. When Emma decided to take on the acting world, she proved her own talents very quickly.